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    May 31, 2010 · Learning situations ·  

    View in Alexandrie FGA – A collection of Math learning situations created by teachers/consultants. Click on the link to view the collection.

    Here a few examples from the site:

    In this LES students will investigate social myths (e.g. gender roles, sexuality, stereotypes, preferences, attitudes, etc…) and the misinformation associated with them within their school by creating a questionnaire, conducting a survey, and finally presenting their findings with the use of visual aids.

    Learning Situation MTH 1102-3

    In this learning situation, students will improve their understanding of the raw sewage dump that occurred in Montreal in Nov. 2015. After listening to news clips, reading newspaper articles, and developing an algebraic model, they will develop an opinion as to whether the dump had a major negative impact on the St. Lawrence River.

    Learning Situation MTH-2101-3

    In this learning situation, students create an algebraic model to predict how much money a starting teacher will make next year. Once the calculation is complete, students interpret their results by determining whether or not the salary they calculated is fair. To answer this question, students are asked to compare their calculated salary with salaries in different job sectors and provinces.

    Pedagogical Intention: The goal of this problem is to give students the opportunity to produce an algebraic model within a real world context. Students are also expected to interpret the values produced by their algebraic model.

    Learning Situation MTH 2101-3