Offer of Service

    AST Brochure ANDRAGOGICAL TEAM – Offer of Service for AEVS Centres


    The Andragogical Support Team’s services can be accessed by appointment simply by contacting us directly. The Team’s services will help you save time and energy implementing the various pedagogical strategies listed:

    Course Support :

    • Assistance and Support with : 
    • e-syllabus, online course development, TEAMS, Office 365


    • Encouraging, accessing and using technology in the classroom
    • Creating a website to support your course and students
    • Investigating feedback practices to ensure student success
    • Creating a syllabus to encourage a “road map” for learning
    • Accessing and applying resources to support your course
    • Creating and administering competency-based lessons
    • Designing a course for open code courses
    • Orientation of new teachers to the course(s)
    • Providing support through peer-lesson planning and team-teaching lessons
    • Empowering the process with tutors: identifying, communicating and addressing specific needs
    • Exploring ways and mechanisms to do action-research (journaling, videotaping, etc.)



    • Creating and administering a competency-based final exam (up to and including Secondary 3)
    • Creating and administering LES’s (Learning Evaluation Situations) (up to secondary 5)
    • Designing rubrics to support learning and developing strategies for assessment (up to and including Secondary 3)
    • Researching resources and texts to support exam creation and tasks (up to and including Secondary 3)
    • Interpreting results based on agreed criteria and rubrics (up to and including Secondary 3)
    • Assisting with the administration of final exams: Admin Guides; Adult’s Booklets; Correction Guides; Rubrics(up to and including Secondary 5)